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pesterme.com is a free service to help you remember to do things. When you add a new reminder, you supply a date and a message. Starting on the date you specified, an email will be sent to you each and every day until you acknowledge the reminder. Reminders are not meant to replace your daily to-do list. The service is best suited for tasks you need to take care of down the road. Many find that such tasks clutter up their to-do list and don't like having to look through them every day. Examples include "in six months, get a teeth cleaning," "in eight weeks, make sure you've received that $20 mail-in rebate," and "in 30 days, cancel that credit protector service you signed up for to receive a free $15." You probably have dozens of these items already on your to-do list. pesterme.com offers a better solution.

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If you encounter a problem or have a question, suggestion, or feature request, email <help @ pesterme.com>.